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Self Introduction

People often find me outgoing, upbeat, self-motivated and some of my close friends find me a little goofy. I grew up in a very small and peaceful town and moved to a huge city for college.

In college, I majored in political science and mainly spent my time there studying international political economy and public economics. I also started coding when I was a senior and have been studying programming since then.

Though what I learnt in college was academically very interesting, I didn’t necessarily consider myself suitable for a politician or economist. I also was not interested in sales or marketing which a lot of my friends in the same department ended up doing after college. So I ended up getting a job as a webdeveloper since I really liked coding and I was really fascinated with the idea of createing something unique and original that didn’t exist before.



Love coding. Always eager to learn new things.


Played baseball for 10 years. Don’t really play it anymore but still love to watch games.


Love dogs. My family has a little shiba-inu.


Love to travel. Being able to experience other cultures is such a privilege and it definetly broadens my perspective of the world.


I like learning foreign languages. Being able to speak more than 3 different languages has always been my dream.


I like all kinds of movies. Especially into SF and Action movies.


Haven’t had a lot of time to read books lately. But I always liked reading novels and autobiographies.

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